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    NOTICE: Knife sales have been suspended. We hope to reorganize and have new knives in the near future. Thank you for visiting.

    Schatt & Morgan was formed in 1897 in Gowanda, New York, and moved to Titusville, PA in 1902. The firm continued at that location until it filed for bankruptcy in 1933.

    Queen Cutlery was founded in 1918, however, it did not become an official entity until 1922, the Queen City Cutlery Company. In 1933, Queen purchased the assets of Schatt-Morgan and moved in. Our current operations are still at that location.

    Robeson cutlery, founded in 1879, has an interesting history as well. The cutlery business was purchased by the Ontario Knife Company, the sister company of Queen Cutlery, in 1971.

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